Nairobi Knife Dangler (NKD)
  • Nairobi Knife Dangler (NKD)

    The Nairobi Knife Dangler (NKD) pays homage to the infamous 2019 Nairobi incident and the lone SAS operator who saved the day. This Dangler works great for running a blade on a chest rig or plate carrier. It is simple and slim by design; this allows it to be placed comfortably behind standard dangler style pouches. The NKD is flexible in width to fit sheaths of different sizes. It is also open ended to be reversable for lefties as well as to fit longer blades. It is loop lined to securely hold your sheath in place (adhesive hook included). We found this method to be the most comfortable and convenient way to carry a blade that it low profile and easy to access.


    • Mil-spec elastic
    • 3"(flexible to 4") x5"
    • Loop velcro lined.
    • Made in the USA