NOD Lock
  • NOD Lock

    The NOD Lock is a simple, quick attach, non-breakaway NVG lanyard.  Using a laser cut piece of ACRONYM laminate, the NOD Lock attaches to the front bolt on either side of your helmet.  This solid mounting method gives some added peace of mind when protecting your nightvision device.  We chose to use a buckle as a means to attach/detach the lanyard because it is easy to manipulate while wearing your helmet, with gloves on and in the dark.  The NOD Locks simple "no sew" construction also means its about half the price of comparable lanyards. 

    • Compatibility

      • Compatible with any helmet with exposed bolts. Opscore, Crye Airframe, ACH etc...
      • NOT compatible with recessed bolts such as Team Wendy & similar. ( Seperate version in the works)