Flex Fit Harness Mod
  • Flex Fit Harness Mod

    These straps provide a big comfort upgrade to your chest rig. They allow your harness to expand and contract in unison with your torso unrestricting breathing and keeping your rig nice and snug to your chest. The constant hug of the elastic helps to keep your rig from loosely flopping around when running, minimizing your chances of losing gear. Another benefit to the flex fit straps is you never need to adjust your harness for seasonal layering of clothing, simply size it once and forget it. 


    FITTING INSTRUCTIONS: After attaching the flex fit straps to your harness, we recommend snugging it up as you normally would. Remove the rig and tighten each strap about an extra inch to engage the elastic.


    • Comes in a set of 3 straps.
    • Works with both X and H style harness.
    •  Attach to any harness that uses  industry standard 1" webbing and hardware. (including Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems etc...)
    • MIL-SPEC Elastic