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flex fit harness mod

Flex Fit Harness Mod

Make a big comfort upgrade to your loadout with the Parashooter Gear Flex Fit Harness Mod.  Constructed using Mil-Spec elastic, each set of 3 straps provides a secure fit to your rig, while allowing it to expand and contract at your pace to allow for unrestricted breathing.  Designed to complement any x- and h- style harnesses that use standard 1” webbing, our flex fit straps make adjusting for layered clothing simple and comfortable. 


INSTRUCTIONS: Attach the flex fit straps to your harness in your normal wear mode, then remove the rig and tighten each strap about an extra inch to engage the elastic.


  • Comes in a set of 3 straps.
  • Works with both X and H style harness.
  •  Attach to any harness that uses  industry standard 1" webbing and hardware. (including Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems etc...)
  • MIL-SPEC Elastic