Crossguard Cummerbund
  • Crossguard Cummerbund

    The Crossguard is our light armored cummerbund. The idea was to make maximum use of space typically left empty at the 3 and 9o'clock. This cummerbund allows the user to plus up on protection without the drawbacks typically associated with side armor plates. Two 6x6 IIIA inserts gives you approximately 30% more coverage with no weight or comfort penalty. Weighing only about 11 ounces, IIIA soft armor is flexible, comfortable and virtually weightless. The two cells, one on each end, are easily reversable so either the open topped or flapped cells are facing forward depending on user preference. We found the flapped cell to be helpful for storing things like Torniquets, vacuum sealed med kits or protecting radio controls.



    • 6x6" IIIA soft armor
    • Soft armor cordura cover
    • 2 x AR sized cells per side ( 4 total)



    • 4" milspec elastic
    • 20" end to end