• NANO



    The NANO was developed with input from professionals to be a single solution for a wide variety of situations. The integrated triple magazine pouch is what separates it from other micro chest rigs, it lays flat and out of the way when not in use making it easy to conceal in a covert environment. When needed the elastic pouch allows the NANO to carry up to six magazines. This feature was crucial as many units wanted the ability to carry a loadout of 6+1 magazines when necessary.  The Velcro backing lets the user choose from a wide array of aftermarket expander wings and dangler pouches. When our removable Tandem pouch is also used in conjunction with these, the NANO can carry more equipment for sustained operations. The industry standard footprint allows the user to easily transition the NANO from a chest rig to a placard for their plate carrier.


    • This rig comes with a rear velcro panel included.
    •  H-Harness, X-Harness, Tandem pouch and magazine inserts sold separately .
    • The NANO works with any "spiritus style" magazine inserts and expansion systems.